Who We Are

Hello, my name is Michael, and I'd love to tell you about our story!

We are a small business that began with a simple idea between a mother and her son. My mom has always loved tea, and I’m a coffee enthusiast. Around the same time I was launching another small business, my mom mentioned she wanted to start a tea brand. I thought it was a fantastic idea, but since I’m more of a coffee drinker, I wanted to find a way to combine our passions.

As I searched for more interesting caffeine products beyond traditional energy drinks, teas, and coffees, I realized there was disconnect. I couldn’t find unique caffeine products like candy, mints, or anything beyond the traditional options. I knew there needed to be a change. We needed a new caffeine shop with a curated collection of unique and rare caffeinated products that you can't find just anywhere!

This venture is more than just a business to us; it’s a family legacy. My grandpa, my mom's dad, is a caffeine expert who dedicated his career to studying its wonders. His passion for caffeine runs through our veins, inspiring us to continue his work and share it with the world!

Together, my mom and I embarked on this journey to create a place where tea and coffee lovers alike could find something special. My mom now curates her own tea section with love and care, and will soon launch a monthly tea club, selecting the finest teas for others to enjoy just as she does.

Get Caffeinated was built to offer a wide range of caffeine products for everyone—Whether you’re a student needing a quick boost, a worker seeking a moment of relaxation, or an athlete looking for that extra edge, we have something for you.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We’re excited to bring you not just products, but a piece of our heart and heritage with every purchase.